All-Star Boxing in Cebu! Omega Sports Two-Part Boxing Event on December 18 (Full Fight Card)

Araneta, Vicelles, Pagara, Martin, Mangubat, Bacaro and Apolinar on the Prowl Again

Omega sports Promotions Kumbati 6

Last October 7, 2020, Omega Sports Promotions held the first-ever boxing event in the Philippines which served as the fire starter and pattern for the rest of the boxing promoters to also organize and hold their events. Now, they are back again with not just one but two boxing events in just one day!

Planned Afternoon and Night Events on December 18

Innovating, pushing boundaries while ensuring guidelines and protocols are implemented, Omega Sports Promotions plans to hold a dual boxing event that will feature Omega’s stalwarts boxers and Philippine boxing superstars like Albert Pagara and Carl Jammes Martin. The Promotions has been leading the way since the pandemic and the intention of pioneering dual boxing events seems like a great idea and one that could perhaps help cut costs and increase boxing activities at the same time.

These days, boxing matches per event are limited. Doing two events in one day may make up for the boxing contests from 4 or 5 fights to doubling it in one day. The smart way of getting more boxers to rack up activities especially these days when there is a significant decrease in boxing promotions in the Philippines. Holding a day and night event may also save on venue, logistics, and personnel costs among others. With additional and essential expenses in health and security, savings on other components of the events will certainly be a welcome idea.

Stars will Still Shine even in Closed Door

Extraordinary times like these seem like it is much more difficult to create a buzz or build up a boxer’s name because no one will be allowed at the venue to watch the fight. Not at all true. The pandemic has made a lot of industries including the boxing industry accelerate their marketing plans to what it’s supposed to be. Today, more and more people are buying online and there’s an increase in social media activities and to be honest, it made us rethink how we should move forward to the future of boxing in the Philippines.

Imagine a venue full packed with five thousand audiences then re-imagine your show being watched on social media by potentially millions of people not just in the Philippines but around the world.

The behavior of boxing fans has changed and having the right social media broadcast partner will allow you to fully maximize exposure and utilize these trends. Fans will be able to enjoy watching sports events live and on-demand.

Omega Sports will feature rising boxing prospects.

The likes of Christian Araneta, Mark Vicelles, Pete Apolinar, Albert Pagara, and Carl Jammes Martin will be in the upcoming closed-door event but it doesn’t mean that these stars won’t shine outside the door as the fight will also be broadcast live on Facebook and Youtube by Powcast Sports, the leading online media platform that focuses on the Philippine boxing scenes.

Omega Boxing Promotions Kumbati 6 and 7


Kumbati 6 

Mark Vicelles vs Arnold Garde, 10 rds, 109 lbs

Tomjune Mangubat vs Reymond Empic, 10 rds, 130 lbs

Carlo Bacaro vs Ryan Maano, 8 rds, 140 lbs

Reggie Suganob vs Robert Ates,  6rds, 113lbs

Benny Canete vs John Roque Villagonzalo, 4 rds, 119 lbs

Kumbati 7

Christian Araneta vs Rolan Jay Biendima, 10 rds, 110 lbs

Peter Apolinar vs Danilo Tampipi, 10 rds, 125 lbs

Carl Jammes Martin vs Richard Rosales, 10 rds, 120 lbs

Albert Pagara vs Virgil Puton, 8 rds, 126 lbs

Franco Serafica vs Matthew Fondales, 4 rds, 126 lbs


Omega sports Last Promotion

Omega Sports Promotions and Powcast Sports Partnership

The partnership for the upcoming event will give Powcast Sports full and official broadcast rights to the event. Powcast is a member of Boxing Content Creators Club of the Philippines (BCCCP) the largest sports content creator group in the Philippines.

If you are also interested in partnering with us, please send an email to [email protected]