Manny Pacquiao to Beam via Proto Hologram to DK Yoo Fight Press Conference on FITE

The boxing legend – who is in Seoul – will use hologram tech to meet his opponent, Korean MMA star DK Yoo, and the press for a Triller Fight Club event in Los Angeles; Streams live Thursday

Los Angeles (October 11, 2022)-On Thursday, October 13th, FITE will use cutting-edge Proto hologram technology to live beam Manny Pacquiao from Seoul to Los Angeles for the press conference with his opponent the Korean MMA star DK Yoo. FITE, the largest digital sports and entertainment platform in the world, owned by Triller, will present the Pacquiao vs. Yoo P.P.V. event in December.

Watch the Manny Pacquiao vs. DK Yoo press conference live on FITE October 13th at 9 PM ET / 6 PM PT

The hologram event will mark the first time Proto hologram technology will be used in a combat sports event, allowing the PacMan to see and hear Yoo and the media, and respond naturally, in real-time, just as if he was in the room.

“When you’re presenting a Manny Pacquiao fight you don’t mess around, even when time and distance don’t cooperate,” said Michael Weber, COO of FITE. “Our CMO, Kim Hurwitz, pitched this idea and we loved it. We decided it was time to call on Proto for a high-tech solution to let Manny be literally in two places at once. The PacMan vs. DK Yoo fight which will officially be a Triller Fight Club event on FITE, is going to be such an epic match – even its press conference will be making history.”

The press conference will stream live from the Los Angeles studios of Proto, the startup which has been in the news for beaming executives, artists and athletes all over the world. It most recently beamed the family of an America’s Got Talent finalist from Seoul to L.A., and has been used at the Super Bowl, the NCAA Final Four, the Australian Open and the NBA playoffs. Investors include Albert Pujols, Marshawn Lynch, P. Diddy and Howie Mandel. Other recent users include WWE’s Logan Paul, Usain Bolt, Lewis Hamilton and England Rugby.

Special press conference guests – both hologram and physically present - to be announced.

Stream the Manny Pacquiao vs. DK Yoo press conference live on FITE on October 13th at 6pm PT.