All You Need to Know About Martyn Ford 2019 MMA Debut

Martyn Ford is a talented bodybuilder who is an inspiration for millions of bodybuilders across the world.

He is a role model for many but not many people know that he was a brilliant cricket player too and wanted to create a successful cricket career for himself. But he could not pursue his career in cricket because of a terrible injury which caused him a serious illness during the peak time of his career growth in cricket.

As a result of his injury, Martyn had to leave his career in cricket and look for something else and pursue it with the same dedication and hard work.

During this phase, Martyn got tilted towards fitness and bodybuilding. Since he was not able to play cricket for a really long time it created a lot of frustration inside him and hence he tried working harder and completely devoted himself towards fitness and bodybuilding.

However, he started developing an interest in fitness and it was very soon that he realized his passion for bodybuilding.

Ever since then Martyn Ford has never looked back and continues to build a great career for himself inspired by fitness and bodybuilding.

Through sheer hard work and determination, he has become an inspiration for many budding bodybuilders. He is one of the most famous fitness models across the internet.

Martyn Ford MMA trains really hard to grow those muscles as you would expect a 6 feet 8 inches man to train. Bodybuilding and fitness have quickly taken over the world with a pace.

It has greatly influenced the athletes particularly MMA fighters.

The strength plays a crucial role in MMA sports and is becoming more important thanks to some of the top-class fighters’ one of them being Martyn Ford, popularly known as the ‘scariest man on the planet’. Martyn Ford is quite popular in many fields besides being a famously huge bodybuilder he is also known as an actor and as a head of 5% nutrition.

Martyn has created a perfect balance between all the three and strives to give his best in every field. Currently, he is looking forward to trying his best at martial arts and is looking forward to pursuing it with KSW MMA.

Martyn Ford Debut MMA fight 2019

Martyn Ford a beefed up 6 feet 8 inches and 320 pounds bodybuilder gained popularity through internet besides his acting.

People were quick to notice his massive body on the social media which gave him immense popularity.KSW announced the signing and debut of Martyn Ford as a martial arts with KSW in 2019.

Soon after that Martyn announce how thrilled he was to step into the cage and thanked KSW for giving him such a huge opportunity.

While there has not been any confirmation Ford is more likely to fight at super heavyweight owing to his massive build and size hence KSW being the best choice for him.

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