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Another Wrong Statement: Three Reasons Why LeBron James isn’t the GOAT

And why he never willbe the GOAT

He may be a great player but he won't be the GOAT.

A Never-Ending Debate

Greatest of All Time.

That’s what the acronym “GOAT” stands for.

In the past, many have made the conclusion that His Airness, Michael Jordan is the greatest NBA player of all time due to many, many reasons.

For one, he won 6 championships- won in two three-peats: from 1991 to 1993 and, from 1996 to 1998. And while Bill Russell owns the record for most championships won as a player, we have to consider the fact that Russell’s era was simpler compared how the NBA was when Michael Jordan came into the picture.

We all thought that MJ being the GOAT was already settled. And not.

In fact, it’s one debate in the NBA that will never end and will never be settled. Especially now that LeBron James recently said that his 2016 championship victory over some super team cemented his status as the GOAT.


Let’s put it this way: beating a favored team from a 1-3 deficit might be the greatest comeback the NBA has seen but no, it doesn’t make a player the GOAT. And no matter how die-hard LeBron fans try to debate it, their idol isn’t the GOAT and will never be one.

Ugly Finals Record


Let’s be realistic here: calling yourself the GOAT with that horrible record in the NBA Finals will make you a fool. As a matter of fact, LeBron James got swept twice in the Finals. The first one was against the San Antonio Spurs in 2007 and the second one? Against the Golden State Warriors in 2018.

And yet, he’s the GOAT? Really?

He’s full of himself

One great achievement doesn’t make one a GOAT in any sports in general.

In fact, most NBA legends of the past have their own choices of their GOAT and it’s not themselves. But LeBron James? His 2016 victory, coupled by an injury to Andrew Bogut and a Game 5 suspension to Draymond Green, was what made him the GOAT.

And the fact that he has gotten his head coaches fired in the past? Well, is that your GOAT, folks?

He will never be the GOAT

He can stuff the stat sheet every game. He can break every breakable record he could break. He could win more championships in the future but no matter what he does, he will never be the NBA’s greatest player of all time.


For the simplest reason: that GOAT label has already been taken. And frankly, even some NBA legends don’t think that LeBron James will ever be the GOAT.


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